The Good Foundr is serving as a publication about founders, for founders.

The publication will provide a transparent view on founder life by shining a light on the challenges founders face as well as the highs they experience.

Why I created this

I've written about founders, collaborated with founders (and even dated them). One thing I know to be true about this rare bread of human is that it's probably one of the most mentally challenging roles them someone could do.

  • No day is the same

  • When one problem resolves itself, another one pops up

  • People management is a constant battle

Long story short, it's hard. I've never met a founder who hasn't struggled and I want The Good Foundr to be a place where founders can read honest and transparent stories from other foundrs and not feel so alone.

How it works

You get selected

If you're reading this, it's probably because I've sent you an email and if I've sent you an email it's because I've researched what you do and think the world needs to know about it!

I'll send you a link to complete your interview

I've spent a while thinking about the right questions to ask. I want this interview to give an honest insight into who you are, what you do and the challenges you've had to overcome to get to where you are. Being a founder is hard and one thing I'm not trying to do is glamourise it.

Put some time in your calendar to complete your interview

Complete your interview in your own time. I'd recommend putting some time in your calendar and sitting down with a comforting drink before getting started on your interview.

We publish your interview

Once you've completed your interview we'll take some time to build your online profile on and share it with a 34,000 followers on Instagram.